First Strike Gaming Society - South Dakota

A Slight Disagreement

Snakes in a Church!

When last we left our group of wayward adventurers, they were in the midst of dealing with the upcoming Christmas festivities and the fact that some of them were a bit more enthusiastic about it than others. David had been out touring the territory, when he discovered signs of Beshilu (giant creepy rat things). As these have a habit of destroying the Gauntlet as well as the mundane property, it was decided that they needed to be either moved or destroyed. And so our Pack, fortified by Christmas cookies set out to track them to their lair, discovering that it was in a local trout farm. Uncharacteristically deciding to go with the diplomatic approach, our heroes actually managed to talk the swarm into relocating onto a nearby Fire Touched territory. Thus they accomplished two things at once, protecting their own land and sticking it to the Pure at the same time.

The next day, after having enjoyed a well earned rest, the Pack each went their separate ways after making sure that they all “ran the mountain” as agreed with the Spirit of the Unrelenting Mountain. Jennifer, David and Henry; having attempted to release the fox that Jennifer was caring for; discovered that they now have a fox that is quite happy where it is, thank you very much. Vala and Marcus, not being slowed down by a gimp mage, were out actually running, when they found a site where the river running down the mountain had been damned up. Tearing down the damn was considered, but general destruction was set aside for another day. Afterwards most of the Pack eventually went into town for various and sundry things, Marcus to find Christmas presents, Jennifer to pick up her access pass for the Black Totem’s Library (and to shock Marcus’s boss), Henry and David to get Henry’s stuff so that he could furnish the basement. Vala for the most part stayed at the house, discovering that there is something really weird going on in Jennifer’s Sanctum.

It was sometime in the afternoon when Jennifer happened to notice a large amount of emergency vehicles headed across town. Being nosy and curious, she called Henry, to ask if he knew what was going on. Turns out, his apartment building was in the process of going up like an over-dry Christmas tree wrapped with too many lights. In fact, that’s what the cause was, a string of faulty lights in Henry’s apartment. Except Henry hates Christmas decorations, so who put those up? Turn out to be our old friend, the snake oil preacher.

Clearly this was an insult that couldn’t be ignored.

Calling in some favors (and summoning a truly terrifying swarm of snakes) the Pack went out to explain their feelings to the Reverend. Thrash’s pack, seeing as how they were responsible for our heroes, agreed that it was their duty to come along and help (thrilled that they now had a reason to kick some flame scorched butt). What followed was a truly epic fight, the magnificence of which cannot be captured by myself, so I’m not even going to try. But after breaking down the door of the Flame Touched church, sending a mass of snakes to go and play with them, punching out a couple of the congregation, sending a couple of others to sleep with the snakes, pushing one head through the floor, and accidentally killing the Reverend (oops)and letting the last survivor live; our group of heroes emerged victorious. Thrash’s pack thought it was awesome.

Upcoming events hopefully include a New Year’s moot thrown for our Pack by Thrash’s people; whether or not it’s a peaceful one is yet to be seen.



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