South Dakota

Havoc: later im going to give you guys a better rules setting and such but for now …

Havoc (GM)The Scene: We return to our “Heroes” as the night draws late…

As the once great spirit now totem sinks into the ground everyone is filled with a new sensation. A sense of intimate closeness with each other slowly starts manifest. This new feeling is very quickly overshadowed by a intense release of spiritual pressure.

(For those with active dual senses – this release is in the form of a wave that pushes and rolls in an ever expanding globe away from the house)
As the pressure overtakes you, you all feel a rush of fresh energy as if your fatigue and exhaustion was washed away blast of spiritual pressure and in truth it was.

(Those with dual senses can also see the foundation of the house seem to resettle, the earth rumbles and moves subtlety. Marcus can also hear the audible rumble of the earth and stone as a small chorus erupts from the tiny Mt spirits in twilight as they seem to revel in the slight shift in the resonance of the location.)

As the spiritual pressure dissipates the house appears at once the same and yet more, as though it was both a house and a fortress, simple and strong to purpose.

It will be more than an hour before any spirit that “ran off” will return.

Samantha (Jennifer “Bones”) Jennifer sighed. “Well that’s done. What the hell do we feed a giant mountain spirit that’s now living in my basement?” She walked up to the side of the house, patting it at the new ‘fortress’ sensation that she got from it. Strangely enough, her leg didn’t hurt anymore, even though it had been killing her after that long walk through the mountain. She looked around, one eyebrow raised when she noticed the growth spirits that were clustered around the vines that were growing up the side of the house. “Huh. didn’t know that this was going to happen when I started encouraging the plants around here.” She shrugged. “Learn something new everyday, I guess.”

Steve (Marcus Williams) It took awhile for Marcus to finally snap out of his self induced trance. He seemed heavily captivated by the surreal amount of spiritual energy that had just manifested, it was a sensation that he had never felt before. A sensation that something great, yet cumbersome had just been achieved. He silently watched as Jennifer gimped by to examine her house and it’s new found affinity for growing vegetation. His eyes narrowed. “Bones,” he said to himself. Her name is Bones.

So does that mean, I should not be Marcus anymore?

Truth be brought to light, it had been a long two weeks. The awakening, the ceremony orchestrating fellow werewolves into the Forsaken circle, magic training, Mother Luna. So much new information, and still questions continued to assault him at every turn. Marcus looked up at the sky as the spiritual resonance began to simmer, and the Earth became a calm sleeping giant once again. So much he didn’t know, and in such a short time he had to learn to walk again, this time from two legs to four. And instead of learning how to speak, he had to learn how to howl, so that all within the fellowship may know his prowess. Yet despite his acceptance of these force fed facts and circumstances, he could not help at times still feel heavily drawn to his old life. But as of late he seemed to be piecing together his dreams and past encounters with seemingly fictional confrontations. Perhaps what they had said in the Tabloids were not a complete hoax after all. Werewolves, Changelings, and Bears oh my indeed. The world was more complicated then Marcus had imagined. Again his face was plastered in a blank expression as he zoned out once more.

Joker (Henry Black Claw) “Plop, plop, fizz fizz, Oh what a relief it is! Or should it be Boom, Boom, Rumble Rumble… So long as we don’t feed it me, we’re good to go.” Henry chuckled a little, more to himself than anything else as he looked over his surroundings again. He surveyed the surrounding hillside, narrowing his eyes carefully to try and ensure that he could pick out anything that might be encroaching toward this new…Pack? There was little else to call them, really. They were not all of the same kind, but they had all been brought together by fate just as much as the orchestrations of the war-master council. All in all he wasn’t sure what to make of them all, yet. He didn’t know any of them from Adam except for Cap. He grinned a little as his eyes moved to Jennifer as she patted the house, shaking his head at the satisfied look on her face. But she had a reason to be, after all. More so then ever, he felt disinclined to ever piss her off with everything the woman seemed capable of these days. After that, he took a second to look over all of the other’s faces once more. Dave, Marcus… they were both pretty easy to figure out, at least in some degree. He was, at least a little, like them. It had been clear from the beginning, though, that the wolves didn’t regard him as much more than some backwater cousin or the like. Still, he’d look out for them like he was sure they’d look out for him. But by the gods he was still not quite sure about that Val character though. He couldn’t make heads nor tails of her. She wasn’t a were creature, though he saw her form change before. She just didn’t smell it on her. He’d keep an eye on her, but still, she was one of the pack and he’d make sure she was taken care of.

Henry walked over to the house over to Jennifer, smiling to her as he walked up to the front door,” I guess I’m sharing the basement now, huh?” He smiled brightly and chuckled once more as he opened the door for her, waiting to see if she was entering the house before walking in. If anyone else was following he’d hold the door for them as well. But after that, it was time to get some sleep. He still had to work in the morning and it was late as hell. If things were slow tomorrow, and Captain Morgan didn’t mind, he’d see about dragging a few more things into the house. It seemed tat this was there den and he wanted to make his part of it comfortable. His bed would be a nice upgrade from that cot. But that was tomorrow. After a quick shower and changing into “mein kampfy clothes”, Henry headed downstairs to sleep.

Donn (David): David stretched as he walked through the front door with the others, raising a hand and scratching his head just behind the ear. “Most spirits can manage to find, ah, ‘food’ on their own. If it needs anything, I’m sure it’ll tell us.”

After mentioning food, David walked around into the kitchen, taking a look at what there was to be had and finding himself disappointed with the selection. Bacon and beef were all well and good, but his stomach complained loudly at the idea of cooking or eating cold, raw meat. In some ways, he missed being able to start his day with a bowl of Cocoa Krispies and a can of soda, but caffeine and chocolate could cause complications in canines, and he was, after all, part canine in most of his forms.

Shutting the fridge, his mind turned towards his new ‘packmates’. Marcus, he could understand; the Ithaeur had taken to his birthright as a ritemaster with a gusto that gave him hope for this endeavor, and Henry was, if nothing else, big and powerful, if a little slow. He could work with that. The purple dragon was unusual and unexpected; at first, he’d thought her spirit-ridden, but that notion was quickly dispelled. She was obviously a powerful creature, to be able to take down a charging Uratha with a single punch. And ‘Bones’, well, even David could tell she’d only scratched the surface of a deep and unknowable power that, truth be told, worried him. Her energy drew spirits like moths to a naked flame.

Together, they had claimed a territory, fought off the Pure and secured a Totem, but those things didn’t make a Pack. Not really. But it was a start. Dave turned, walking back into the living area and called out to the others, “I’ve got a taste for some venison, or maybe some rabbit. Anyone feel like coming hunting with me?”

Samantha (Jennifer ) Jennifer patted Henry’s shoulder as he held the door for her, entering the kitchen and heading to the fridge. “Just hope he doesn’t snore.” She opened the door and pulled out a can of cherry soda, popping the top with one hand and taking a drink. With a sigh, she went into what had been the garage and was now . . . something more. She wasn’t sure quite what, but it felt like a safe place to practice her new abilities. Placing the can on a table, she limped over to the cage in the corner and lifted the edge of the blanket, smiling at the small fox face that looked at her expectantly.
“You’ll be out of here and terrorizing the neighborhood in no time.” she reassured it, sending a gentle surge of healing energy to it. It yawned and snapped at the air before curling up in the corner and flicking it’s tail across its muzzle.
Jennifer walked back out just in time to hear David ask if anyone else wanted to go hunting. She grinned. “I think I’ve slowed you all down enough for one night. Have fun, and if there’s any extra, we can store it in the outside freezer.”
She half waved her fingers as she settled on the couch, gimp leg stretched out in front of her. While most people would have been dubious about letting so many strangers into their homes, she had had a good feeling about them from the beginning. Not as a Pack, which most of them thought like, but as a company, a holdover from her army days. Your buddy might be strange as hell, but so long as he had your back, it didn’t matter a hell of a lot.
It took a moment, but she dug the remote out from between the couch cushions, flipping through the channels until she found a late night special on the SciFi channel, where an actor with a few pieces of fur badly glued to his face was trying to act like a wolf. Giggling, Jennifer settled down to watch, shrugging off her shoulder holster and setting it down on the table next to her.

Steve (Marcus Williams) Marcus’ ears perked up at the word venison. But he did not hear the rest of David’s request. He turned his back on the window that he was looking out from. It was late now, despite the fact that it still felt very early. Perhaps the concept of time would continue to become muddled. In the last couple of days, much had been accomplished. He walked slowly, awkwardly to the center of the living room, his face hinting slightly toward disdain. Dave looked at Marcus, baffled at his demeanor. “Marcus? Venison? Hunt?” He gestured toward the door, out to the heart of the wilderness that lie outside. Marcus spoke at last, his voice was quiet, yet deep enough to hear, “Wow…we can do that?” he said with a stupid grin, “We don’t have a hunting lic….” Marcus shook his head feeling embarrassed, almost forgetting exactly what David was implying. He was no longer human, even if the illusion was strong enough at times to make him forget. He turned around and shifted to Urhan form. He let out a bark of complete excitement at the notion of a hunt. He sat back and brought his hind leg up to his ear, scratching vehemently at a itch. He trotted over to Bones, coming to rest next to her couch. He spoke in the first tongue to her, and although David and Henry could understand, Bones could not. But Marcus did not know this, so he carried out a one sided conversation for several moments before he realized the truth.

Marcus snarled at the man on the television who poorly portrayed a werewolf. He sat up, watching then finally spoke. “You know, that is really bad CGI, they should let us on there and we could give them a real show, you know?” He continued watching a moment more and then watched as the werewolf on the screen attack a human. “You see? It’s terrible, he needs to be more ferocious like….” Marcus grabbed a nearby pillow with his teeth and began to harmlessly flail his head around, “I swear Hollywood is more and more fake as it gets….” Marcus looked up and saw the complete look of utter confusion Bones showed. Bones literally saw Marcus, begin yipping a loud, as he apparently tried to bite at air molecules dancing in the air. Followed by viciously grabbing a pillow and having his way with it, then discarding it, and continuing his barking rant. Then, Marcus glared at her in innocent disdain for realizing she didn’t understand him. So he sulked away, then came back grabbing the pillow again, dragging it away like a claimed kill or something, growling lowly as he slunk away.

Havoc (GM) As Henery desended into the basement after his shower he could feel that it had changed, the whole basement felt different a bit more cave-like. (If anyone looks into twilight they will see that the Totem Spirit has “settled” into the side of the basement wall closest to the mountain and that the twilight reflection of that part of the wall seems closer to natual stone than masonry)

Samantha (Jennifer ) Jennifer watched a bit wide eyed as the wolf playing the part of Marcus growled and snapped at the air, firmly resisting the urge to ask if Timmy was in the well. She didn’t think that line might go over well.
It’s like he’s trying to speak to me, I know it!
Then he snagged on of her pillows and started using it for a chew toy, snapping and snarling before dragging it away.
“Marcus, of the Unyielding Mountain, Killer of Throw Pillows.” She leaned back. “I could just get you a giant raw hide bone!”
Yawing, she leaned back and curled up deeper in the cushions.

Joker (Henry Black Claw) Henry stopped as soon as he hit the bottom of the stairs, his eyes once again surveying the confines of the buildings foundation. the new feeling of the basement was completely new to him. he hadn’t even really had enough time to get adjusted to the way that it felt before, and now everything was different again. Hopefully things settled down soon, otherwise he’d never get a chance to get used to things. He sighed a little bit, walking over toward the cot that he had set up. He took a seat and took a second to switch his vision over to the Twilight. He looked around slowly for a moment, wondering where the spirit was. It took him a second to over his shoulder behind him. Henry nearly jumped out of his skin at the sight of the spirit looming over him.

Henry took a second to catch his breath once more before pulling the cot over to a different wall," Sorry about that, big guy. Didn’t mean to invade your personal space. So… I guess I’m gonna have to change my clothes up stairs from now on, huh?" He smiled a little, settling down onto the cot once more and laying down, “I hope you don’t mind me staying down here. Not a whole lot of room upstairs and it feels a lot more natural down here than up there.”

Havoc (GM) AS we come back to your Motely Pack they have just returned home from there wild night to find that Marcus has had a Christmas-gasm throughout the house – Totme included He smell of dirt, pine and sugar cookies permeates the air.

Joker (Henry Black Claw) Henry stopped in his tracks as soon as he walked in the door, blowing the scent from his nose repeatedly until he finally realized that he was going to have to accept it, for the time being. The smell wasn’t really bothersome, he just never expected it inside the house, especially not this d**m strong. Quickly, his eyes surveyed the interior of the house. It was almost as much of a catastrophe as the outside had been. There were almost as many Christmas lights tacked up round the inside of the place as there was stapled to the exterior, and almost as much dirt, too.

Henry sighed heavily for a second, shaking his head before he looked to Jen, finally smirking a bit, “I guess we shouldn’t have left the pillow biter here on his onesie, huh?”…“I’ll get the vacuum.” And with that he headed off toward the closet housing the infernally loud contraption. He hated to admit it, but he didn’t like the thing. Whenever it got turned on, part of him wanted to crush the machine into tiny, infinitesimal peices. But if using the beast would lessen the source of the overpowering scents, then he’d deal with it. And he figured that, with what the two women had been through at the market, he could make things little easier on them.

Samantha (Jennifer ) Jennifer’s jaw literally dropped when she limped into her home, Grimoire Weiss tucked under one arm. It was just so . . . cheery. After a moment more, she just grinned. Henry was going to help Marcus clean up, so she could just enjoy the chaos. For some reason, she really liked it.
“Thanks Henry!” she shouted over the sound of the vacuum and his muttered curses. Looking down at the tome that she carried, she debated on where to keep the dang thing. It was either her gun safe, or the drug cabinet in the workroom that was also her sanctum.
“Ummmm . . . I’ll be right back,” she muttered before crossing into her workroom. She opened the door and went in, not even bothering to turn on more than the dim nightlight that she always kept on. Reaching under the worktable, she retrieved the key, opened the cabnet and placed the grimoire on the mostly empty top shelf. Locking it back up, she returned the key and went back out.
“Hey, Vala. Thanks, for that. You don’t know what it means, hell, I don’t even know what it means yet; for me. But I couldn’t have done it without you. So even without that oath, you’ve got my help when you need it.”

Jennifer smiled with a quick quirk of one side of her mouth before heading to the kitchen to try one of the cookies, taking a big bite and washing it down with some milk.

Havoc (GM) As Jennifer entered her Sanctuary a strange feeling of accomplishment filled her. Placing the White Book inside her cabinet the feeling lightened and after shutting and locking the cabinet all that was left of the feeling was the knowledge that it had existed. (With a quick check of her sanctuary Jen can tell that her personal energy and the energy from the totem she had bound herself too where slowly coming into sync or alignment. Her Sanctuary too seemed to slowly be gaining the same spiritual solidity that the house and territory gained the night the Spirit of the Unrelenting Mountain bound itself with Jen and her Pack)

Steve (Marcus): “Whew,” Marcus wiped the sweat from his brow enthusiastically, “All finished,” he looked around to examine his handiwork. The tree was a bit too tall to get inside the house, but nothing a little off the top couldn’t fix. Luckily for Marcus, Christmas lights were on sale at the local Walmart, and even if Henry gave looks of utter discontent, he felt rightfully accomplished for his Christmas takeover. Valla appeared to like it, even if she didn’t say anything outright about it, so did Bones for that matter. He grabbed a deformed sugar cookie off the tray and walked in the direction of the bathroom. “Pine needles sure are itchy, I think it’s high time to take a bath,” he said to no one in particular. He had to laugh as he caught Henry giving him dirty looks now and again. He entered the bathroom and locked the door behind him.

Christmas, what a magical time it was.

It gave Marcus the ability to momentarily forget his troubles. It was a special time of year where……well….such an event truly doesn’t need much explanation. It had suffered some internal confliction of the centuries between Christianity and Paganism. Regardless of such banter and religious dissection, it was still a holiday to be hailed with a smile and a warm heart.

Marcus clumsily discarded his clothing while turning on dials on the tub. The water within the inner plumbing shot to life and began to dump it’s contents into the bathtub, craftily blocked by the drain stopper. Marcus felt a bit tired from all the holiday festivities, plus carrying a tree is strenuous business. After testing the water a couple of times, Marcus found the correct temperature and entered the tub. It had been another crazy day for Marcus. Turns out, his boss Jordan Maxwell was actually a mage. Not to mention, Reverend Eli of the Flame Touched had prior business with the Black Totem in prior days. Marcus almost lost his job too because of his need to meddle in affairs he did not fully comprehend. Eavesdropping on your boss is one thing, eavesdropping on your boss who could potentially kill you outright is another. In the end though it seemed that Marcus would get to keep his job as long as he could maintain proper civility and professionalism in the workplace.

“What a pain in the ass,” Marcus grumbled to himself, still sore about the whole thing. He remembered how much of a hassle Reverend Eli was in the past, but now taking territory from their pack didn’t seem like a wise choice in hindsight. This somehow, Marcus believed, would ultimately come back and bite them in the ass eventually. Marcus lie his head back, purposely avoiding the various loofahs and feminine smelling body washes and soaps. He slowly but steadily began to get so comfortable, that he dozed off into a sleep. His vision blurred and began to shift to various colors, similar to peering into Twilight.

It was that girl again. The one whom I saw in my dreams quite frequently. She was strapped down on a cold, metallic chair. Various wires and plugs were prodding her body. Her eyes were frantically shifting to every direction, her head strapped down as well. I could still feel the cold and desolate air, the screams, the unearthly wailing of the creatures that lie within bloodied cages across the room. These cages were big, and these creatures were fucking unbelievably ferocious. Their teeth snarled and their arms clutched the menacing bars in ferocious protest. They were monsters, large wolf like creatures, and yet they walked on two legs. Some of them were so far gone that they began to tear at their own flesh, hoping death would take them quickly. Various men in white lab coats scrutinized monitor screens in front of the strapped down girl. She screamed again and again and…..fuck they were heading this way now, I must have began buckling frantically against my restraints. Soon a man was in front of me, his face partially covered by a surgeon’s mask. “Sergeant Williams, now let’s go over this drill again, and tell me what you see,” he disappeared behind my chair, and then the illusions started once more. The same apocalyptic city, riddled in fire and smoke. I could smell things that I couldn’t explain, and hear that which I couldn’t explain. I screamed, but I could no longer hear myself, insanity must have taken me at this point. Next thing I see is that spirit again, beckoning me toward the city while the pale crescent moon shines in the blood red sky. I feel nothing but despair and anger, and not like anger from before, but REAL anger. I will tear this fucking world apart. Somehow my restraints came undone, I lunged for the first doctor……

I swear to God I’ll leave nothing standing….

Marcus awoke several minutes later sweating profusely and gasping for air. The look of sheer terror plagued his face as he realized where he was. His eyes burned with a fury untold. “Dream……not again…..” he gasped quietly to himself.

Joker (Henry Black Claw) Henry white knuckled the vacuum as the machine filled the air with its dull, mind aching roar. His eyes narrowed each time he found another patch of crap to clean up. He couldn’t believe that a person could make such a mess on their own, at least anyone over the age of 6 anyway. And now he was stuck using that infernal contraption to suck all the tiny little remnants into the small hopper. He looked up in time to see Marcus slip into the bathroom and growled low in his throat as his eyes narrowed. The jackass had made the mess and wasn’t even going to help clean it up. Didn’t that just figure? Well, at least Henry knew which bed to dump all the vacuumed up needles into. He grinned wickedly for a moment but pushed the though from his mind. Even he wasn’t that big of an asshole. Henry just shook his head and continued on; taking enough time to make sure that he got everything up off the floor.

Still, the smell of the electric motor and hot rubber belt of the vacuum helped to drown out the smell of the tree and dirt, so all wasn’t lost. It wasn’t a great smell, but anything to help dull the scent of pine that burned in his nose was a welcome relief. And after a short while, he could find nothing left on the floor to suck up. So, he carefully returned the vacuum to the state at which he had found it, wrapping the cord up and tucking the hose away. He took the small hopper into the kitchen to empty it out, smiling as he saw Cap sitting down to some cookies that looked like disfigured, handycapable amalgamations of different Christmas shapes. Henry stopped and laughed a little bit, shaking his head again, “I guess the little scrapper did give it the old college effort, huh?” He reached over and took one o the cookies from the cooling rack and took a bit. He smiled, slightly impressed,” And they’re actually soft, too. Always a plus.” He chomped down the last of the snack before he walked over to the trash can, flipping the lip open so he could dump in the contents of the vacuum. After taking a second to return the hopper to the vacuum, he returned to where jen was sitting, leaning against the breakfast bar,” Hey…” he looked to her questioningly,” I wanted to ask before I jumped the gun on anything.” He sighed a little bit, not really sure on how to approach the subject but a look of resolve crossed his face as he figured he come out and say it,” Since this place is, essentially, our home now, it seems. I was wondering if you’d mind if I moved some stuff into the basement. I mean, I’ve got to do something about that cot. It’s nice and all, but it stinks like mothballs.” He chuckled a little bit, smiling. “I’ve got the next few days off, so I figured it’d be the best time. I can put everything else into storage so that way I’m not paying rent at my old place. That way I can start helping to pay more for this place. If we’re all staying here, we might as well do everything we can to help out and pay our own way and such, you know?”

Samantha (Jennifer) Jennifer reached out from where she sat, pulling the freezer door open and snagging an ice pack out. With a sigh, she wrapped it around her upper leg, the movement so habitual that she didn’t even think about it. It was simply what she did after she’d been walking for too long.

After grabbing a second cookie, Jennifer smiled crookedly at Henry and leaned back. “You don’t think that a bear the size of a bus that smells of mothballs is scary?” Then she shrugged. “Yeah, go ahead. I won’t be much help with the whole moving furniture thing, but I somehow don’t think that you need it. And having a little extra cash to pay for food would be nice.” She looked around her home again, noting the dazzling display of lights. “And maybe the electricity bill.”

With a grunt, she got up and pulled a soda out of the fridge, popping it open and taking a long drink. Soda and cookies, dinner of champions. “I got an idea of my own to run past you. Now that I’ve got that grimoire, how do you think I should use it? I mean, I’m going to read it, but the way that Cypher told me to go find one means that he thought it would have been next to impossible. But then with considerable help, I was able to find one within a couple of days. So do you think it was a trap or a test or what? And what do you think he’ll do when . . . if I tell him where I found this one?”

MJ (Vala) You could see the glow of horror from the highway. What the hell…… Oh god it was the house " Is it on fire?" Vala pushes down the gas pedal on the GTO a bit more. “Just a little faster baby” she whispers while patting the dash. As she gets closer she realizes its god-damn Christmas lights who…. she pulls up the drive, parks, grabs her sunglasses and gets out. heading up to the house she goes to put the sunglasses on, gives Henry a look and with a roll of her eyes pushes the glasses up the bridge of her nose. She stops immediately on the inside to survey the damage…. if possible it was worse than the outside every Christmas movie gone horribly wrong but somehow laughingly… it fit just like us horrifying and grotesquely overdone, yet strangely beautiful in its own way. It was almost perfect, well for our place anyway. She looks at Bones and raises her eyebrow " still keen on taking in strays". She sidesteps around Henry as he makes a move for the closet. She shrugs her shoulders "I’ll take it out of him in our sparing session tonight… As long as the pup is still up for it.” She said the last part loud enough for him to hear her in the kitchen.

She patted Bones on the shoulder as she headed toward the hall, chuckling to herself as a quote from her favorite TV show popped into her head. The very young do not always do what they’re told. She stepped into her room for a moment, digging around in her clothes to find a good set of workout clothes and a towel before she headed out toward the bathroom. As she walked back into the hallway, she heard the bathroom door close, cursing slightly under her breath. As she walked up to the door, she could hear Marcus inside. She grumbled for a second before knocking on the door,” Make sure to use the flea shampoo, Pup. You might need it after your trip to get the tree.”

She headed back to the Living room sat down an the couch next to Bones In time to catch the tail end of her conversation with Henry. Vala interjects “sounds like an impossible errand just to get you off his back to me… cant wait to see the look on his face” she smirks and and pops the entire cookie in her mouth.

Havoc (GM) We come back to our " Motely" crew as they are finishing up searching the once Firetouched claimed church…

Samantha (Jennifer) Jennifer hummed softly to herself as she worked her way through the destroyed remains of the church. Everyone else was busy searching for various things, she had a more important project at the moment. Important for her, anyways. Stretching out her senses, she searched out any of the snakes that had been injured in the fight and still lived. One by one, she found them and healed them, letting them coil about her hands before sending them out the door. They had been an important ally in their fight, they deserved to be tended in return. All together she found six snakes, working on them as she waited for everyone else to be done with whatever the hell they were doing.
“Anybody need fixing up?” she called out, looking around at the bodies. Not that werewolves needed much tending, but every once in a while it happened.

Joker (Henry Black Claw) Henry patted Thrash on the shoulder after having given him the hat of Father Elijah. He figured that Thrash and his pack had been forced to put up with the old codgers Foghorn Leghorn act for far longer than he ever had to. Thrash and his would cherish the trophy more. And, if it hadn’t been for the other pack coming to their aid, the fight might have gone a very different direction.

Henry looked over to Cap’n as she asked about fixing people up. He looked down to his clothes and smiled. He’d only taken damage while in his bear form, so his clothes hadn’t even gotten damaged. Still, he could feel the last bits of the “Father’s” claw wounds stitching themselves back together. He smiled to Jen, shaking his head,” Not at the moment. Thanks, though. And… good work taking out some of those bastards, too. Thanks.” He smiled and winked to her before turning back to see what the rest of the party was doing.

The scene was a complete mess of gore and carnage. Henry rubbed the bridge of his nose for a second. He had let himself get carried away in the beginning of the fight and had made things much more difficult when Elijah’s pack had hit death rage. If he’d have held back a little bit, it would have been a different scene. Plus, the snakes would have made short work of her anyway. Henry mentally reprimanded himself for such callous behavior having put not only his pack, but Thrash’s pack, in greater danger than was necessary. He sighed, shaking his head. He had to try and get more control over himself. It was going to be a struggle. Still, he walked over to where the bodies were. He wasn’t sure what to think of the Flame Touched. There were werewolves, after all. They had just been lured down a different path than any of the Forsaken. They were just like any other wolf, fighting for what they thought was right, even if he thought they were wrong for it. Hell, if it hadn’t been for Elijah’s repulsive nature, he might have gone down that road himself.

Henry pushed the thoughts from his head. These dead were the enemy, thought it had seemed that most of them had been but pups, poorly prepared for the fight that came to them. Henry felt a slight tinge of guilt about that, but what they had lacked in experience had been made up in numbers, at least in the beginning. But that was only a small condolence. Henry sighed once more, shaking his head slowly. He hadn’t really taken the time to collect his thoughts beforehand. Everything had happened so quickly. His place had been torched and it had set him off on a tangent. Jen had tried to calm him down. Part of him wished he had listened. But part of him was also glad for the retribution. He just hadn’t wanted it to go quite the way it did. It would have been much better to simply see Elijah and his pack humiliated and sent running with their tails tucked. But… that wasn’t going to happen now. Henry leaned against one of the pews for a little bit, thinking about what needed to be done next. Dave had said the place would have to get burned down. He had to figure out how that was going to happen.

Havoc(GM) Thrash took Reverend Eli’s hat from Henery, gave a slight chuckle and a bit of a smile. “Thank you, the guy has been riding my last nerv for longer than i would like to admit.” Thrash looked around for a long moment before speaking again. “Henery, I saw you picked up the fetish the girl was using, you may want to have Talon take a look at it these guys are” … Thrash cleared his throat “Just dont use it or wear it before its looked at okay.” With that he placed a firm hand on Henery’s shoulder, “Callie get you perky @ss in here, we aren’t done yet.”

Callie came walking in looking like a blood spattered princess holstering her .45’s and patting her BFF Jen on the shoulder with an approving smile.

Thrash just shook his head before giving his orders. Callie and Talon where to stay and help ‘clean-up’ while Thrash and John went back to the shop incase anyone came asking questions.

With that Thrash and John started to head out as John passed through the door a loud “Oww Gawd” could be heard reverberating through the entrance. Thrash turned and finding David eyes "Good work tonight. You guys are going to do just fine, i expect i’ll be hearing stories of this in the days to come. An don’t forget New Years Eve, our territory, bring your Totem. Oh’ and seeing how you have your first victory on the Silver Road now it is tradition to give a token from that victory as a gift to Usonmo (The WarCheif). - (If noone says anything to him Thrash joins John out side and they leave for his shop)

Samantha (Jennifer) Jennifer was absently staring at one of the bodies when the last of her Pack returned to the main room. The carnage . . . reminded her of things that she had tried for a while to forget. Fragments of memories, really. They were all she really had of a day that changed her life forever.

Bodies, tossed about like they were dolls.

IEDs, planted on the roadside and activated as a convoy drove by.

She remembered running beside a stretcher, checking a soldier’s vitals on the go, hoping and praying that she’d be able to get this one to help in time.

Looking up, seeing a man standing there; raising a gun towards her and her patient.

The explosion of gun fire as the men around her reacted.

The scream . . . tearing itself out of her throat as she fell, a stray bullet catching her in the leg. Hitting the ground and looking up at the sky . . . thinking how strangely blue it was . . .

Waking up in a field hospital and even through the morphine, she knew something was so terribly wrong.

Callie patted her on the shoulder, jerking her attention back to the present. Everyone was standing around, ready to get started, so she pushed away from the pew she was leaning on and half grinned to herself. “Grey Fox warned me that I’d need to be able to do this.” Taking a deep breath, she called the Life magic out of herself, feeling it well up and out, covering the room she was in and everything in it. Anybody who happened to be looking at her had the immediate feeling of the hair standing up on the back of their neck, with the notion that there was somebody standing in the shadows watching them. From the corner of their eyes came the flickering of something just out of sight, never there when they turned to look at it fully.
“I’ll be right back guys. Just need to clean things up.” Slowly, she turned away, going through the back door to the rooms that everyone else had been through, seeming lost in thought as she walked, the magic welling up to remove any organic trace that her friends had left behind. Hair, finger prints, skin cells . . . anything that they had left behind was broken down and erased at her silent command. It took her a couple minutes, going slowly enough that she was sure that she got everything, but soon enough she was able to return to the main room.

Majesta (Vala) Vala gets up and looks around, so intent on her own fight it took a while for the rest of the carnage to sink in. She shrugs her shoulders and soaks in the feeling of triumph from her companions. She says to herself I do love a good fight. Vala begins to search the church for anything of interest. She begins to feel more of the fight as she walks around. Damn that hurt worse than I thought. She steps back into the main sanctuary catches Bones stepping in from another room, “Hey you still offering some of that MoJo you got?”. She makes her way to Jenn. Vala gives Henry a slap in the arm as she walks by “any ideas on torchin this place yet?”

As Vala walks up to Bones she turns to Dave “So is it just snakes or are you that good with any animal” “So we got a plan? I have to work tomorrow and I’d like to get some sleep” smiling she thought _and sadly some more of those cookies since I stashed about a half dozen in my room the pups not much of a talker but he knows his way around a kitchen.

Vala puts her hands in the air “We ready or what”

Steve (Marcus): Marcus: Marcus could hardly believe it was over. He looked around at his allies as they exemplified complacent expressions. There was joy, and immense excitement mixed with primal satisfaction. Marcus, depite the jovial atmosphere by almost everyone in the Church, could not share the same gift. At first, he searched the church diligently for awhile, looking for anything that might be of value or even worth. He hated the notion to be honest, stealing from a church was hardly anything to look forward to. Even if Reverend Eli represented a false religion. After finding a few trinkets and baubles of interest, Marcus pocketed them grudgingly. Something didn’t feel right….the Purists, the ones that transformed, it all seemed very familiar to him.

Garou Form…..

Marcus dismissed the notion for a moment, but only long enough to come back to the main section of the church. It took some time for the actions of today finally sank in. At first, he did not feel bad about any of this, he felt rightly justified. Reverend Eli was trash, he was a thorn in Marcus’ side that had to go. Not only was he the one responsible for burning down Henry’s Apartment, but he also tried to get Marcus fired from his job.

"But does this….

Marcus looked around. The carnage….the savagery…..the violent justice. Is this what it means to be a Forsaken? A constant vigil against nameless enemies that are the same flesh in the end? Two weeks ago. They were this close to being on the other side of the fight…..the recruitment….a sense of purpose…..finding your place among the packs. Why the fuck did this have to be this way? What in Mother Luna does any of this mean anymore?!

Marcus scanned the bloodied floor. Watched as a swirling mass of hatred manifested deep inside his core. Some of them were still young, and then…..Kirkuk….

The restraints came loose all of a sudden. I instinctively lunged for the control panel in front of me. The man in the white coat shrieked as the unexpected ferocity of his released captive. Nothing mattered at this point, all ten of them could surround me and take my ass down. But I would get to that control panel, I knew exactly which button to go for. I had been here for awhile…watching and waiting. I crashed hard into the panel, hitting the button along with a couple others. The lights went out, and I heard the cages open….release what they called the Garou beasts. There was screaming, and tearing of flesh, splattering of blood. It was dim, but I could still see it all. It was time to let the devil in the room sort through them all. Even if he was to die with them…..

Marcus nodded off for a bit and then came back to. He looked down at his hands. Somehow his claws had been partially transformed into Garou form. His eyes narrowed, unsure of how it happened. His claws reverted back. And he turned on his heel and made his way to the front of the church, toward the entrance. He ignored any and all requests to cease his path. He stopped at the front door, and then pushed it open as he went. The night was cold and welcoming.

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