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I have Moved all the non-game to this page… if there are questions let me know

Okay, so here we are going to try out something and hopefully it works. We all remember DotWebs… good this is going to be just like that.

Here is an example of how to post.

Brandon (Micheal “Icarus”) Then whatever you are going to post.

Please also leave your post open ended if someone could react to what you are doing.
And remember – Have Fun!

Samantha (Jennifer “Bones”) Hey lookit! I posted something!

Steve (Marcus Williams): (OOC) How will we know when someone is editing? We had a chatbox last time so that we could tell people when we are editing… that no one over-rides the other? What about our old .webs based sites…..Oh snap…..Claire and Sam’s stories are completely gone from the entries listings. Good thing I made massive backups before this all went down. I did some digging and it seems we still have this resource.

This is where we once had our Mage based game. It might be easier to use this over a site where we can’t chat with one another. Brandon? What say you?

Joker (Henry Black Claw): (OOC) So do we really need the OOC thing going on whenever we’re not talking in character, or did Sam just say “…I posted something!” in character? This place reminds me of the white room in the Matrix.

Havoc (GM): Hi all so im going to try and set the scene if i forget somethng just let me know… as for Vash’s question about an “IM” im going to leave it to everyone’s best judgment.

Samantha (OOC) @ Joker. Bite me.
Samantha (White Room) There is no spoon.

Joker (OOC): @Sam: Careful what you ask for… grins

Donn (OOC): Finally! Sheesh. Okay, I’m in and ready.

Joker (OOC): Are we ever truly ready?

Sam – whistles Twilight theme

Steve – (OOC): Massive Enveloping Sweatdrop drowns X_X

Joker (OOC): That reminds me, we need to track down that Cullen kid and kill him and his family. I call for new quest!

Donn (OOC): I’m in! I mean, he’s not even a real vampire. What can he do; sparkle, run really fast and cry on cue while cutting himself?

Sam – I’m in too! What do you say you guys herd them into a trap and me and Majesta take em out?

Joker: That would work. If they ran from that Lautner kid, they’d piss themselves when they saw us.

Sam – They weren’t running from him, they were blinded by the glare from the oil on his bare hairless chest. And I mean really, if you saw a half naked guy all oiled down and running towards you, wouldn’t you run in the opposite direction as fast as you could?

Joker – Ehh… If he’s running at me, it gives him less chance to slow down when I put a boot in his chest at the last second.

Donn – Do you REALLY want to stand still, waiting, as shirtless, oiled-up men to run after you, Joker?

Sam – I’m taking a dot or two in forces so I can light the oil on fire from a distance. Just WOOSH!!

Joker – Yeah, I’ll wait. Just so I can hear my boots squeak as they smash into the little boy’s chest.

Joker – @Majesta: Whenever you want to make something bold on the wikis just put an * at the beginning and end. Just a heads up.

Sam – Hey all. Somebody mind explaining to me how we would come up with a name for our pack? Like, is it based on our totem, something we’ve done, something we make up ourselves, what?

Donn – Typically, we choose something for others to refer to us as. Sometimes someone respected or honored suggests a name, sometimes a totem wants to offer a name, but the pack typically chooses themselves.

Sam – I would like to hereby advise the DM and players that Jennifer is going to be casting a “Clean Up” spell, as she would put it, aka Evidence Shroud (ToM 65)in the next few game minutes. She’s gonna look around and realize that there’s biological trace that needs to be cleaned up and that she can take care of it.

Sam – Right, so I was in a slightly (very) manic mood today, and I had a wonderful idea. So, I’ve been thinking about needing a guardian for my sanctum and going over various options. These are what I came up with. And yes GMs, I know that these would take certain merits, dots in Arcanums, or favors.

  • Giant semi-intelligent Venus Fly Trap (named Tim)
  • The spirit of B-Movies
  • Enhanced fire ants / killer bees
  • Attack ferrets
  • Fire Breathing Komodo dragons
  • Pixies
  • Gargoyles
  • Possessed door knocker
  • Evil Scarecrow
  • The Spirit of Die Hard
  • Lawn Gnomes
  • The Spirit of the Monster that Lives Under the Bed.
    Any other ideas?

Majesta – I like the B movie and Possessed door knocker its really my favorite. It should sarcastically banter intruders to death with horrific puns that way we know it has the true spirit of us. Or we could animate the vacuum cleaner seems its hated by most anyway.
Also if we are going after the gang of Twilight I would also like to recommend Count Chocula, The Count from Sesame Street and of course Barney.

Seriously though I need a good regular sparing partner in game if anyone is willing to schedule me in on a regular basis.

Steve – I don’t know you people…..-_-’

Rules and Rants

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