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  • Callie

    Beta of Thrash's Pack Callie is quick and cheerful. Callie has resently taken a liking to Jeniffer. Referring to herself as Jen's New BFF. Callie also was Jennifer's tapper during her induction into the Shaman Corp. of the South Dakota Wolves "Silver …

  • Thrash

    Alpha and Leader of the Watchers - A group of Wolves that find the newly awakened and bring them before the War Chief for the induction Ceremony of the Tribes of the Moon. Thrash is strong and confident if not a bit gruf

  • Talon

    Talon is a Native Soux who maynot be great with people but whose insight into the spirit is exemplary. He was tapped by Thrash and recruted to the Silver Path and then to Thrash's pack soon after his the first change.

  • John

    Young and brash, John is an accomplished artist and a skilled tracker. Known for being able to find new wolves before the first change has taken them.

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