First Strike Gaming Society - South Dakota

The Story Thus Far

Mages and Wolves and Bears, Oh My!

This is a recap of a couple different nights of gaming, so it’ll be very compressed.

When our story begins, all of our characters happen to be Christmas shopping in the mall. As they are distracted by the garish sales displays and delectable aromas of fresh baked cookies, a few of them happen to notice that something is “not quite right” before they can investigate further, Ambercrombie and Fitch gets blown up. As we rush to the aid of the injured patrons, things get really strange. The people trying to evacuate are suddenly herded back inside by “monsters”, who seem to take great glee in scaring the hell out of the patrons. Henry Blackclaw gets in a gun vs claw fight with them, eventually becoming injured enough that he shifts form for the first time (surprise!) and discovers that he’s a werebear. At the same time, Marcus Williams was just reaching the time in his life where he starts growing hair in funny places (like everywhere) and transforming for the first time into a werewolf. Turns out that there’s a couple of wolves in the area that know what’s going on, one pack and a loner named Dave.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Morgan was patching people up as best she could, evacuating the injured and getting them to safety, with the help of Vallla. Upon realizing that there were still people inside the mall, including her friend Ranger Rick (Blackclaw), and hearing the sounds of fighting, she renters the building accompanied by Valla. Once inside, they’re separated for a moment, Jennifer finding the fighting and getting slapped upside the head with the proof that there’s some strange shit in the world. This is weird enough to trigger her Awakening, where she chooses the path of the Thyrus and meets a two tailed fox who seems to take an interest in her. When she awakens from her vision, she suddenly can effect the natural world around her. Long story short, she and a couple of new found allies end the fight and drag the survivors out to a van in the parking lot. Our merry band of heroes are then taken to a ‘safer place’ with happens to be Thrash’s tattoo shop.

Once at the tattoo shop, our heroes all wander off and talk to people a bit separately. We discover that Valla’s been hiding a secret, she’s actually a dragon. Who knew? Apparently a very strong dragon. Wings and everything, but we haven’t seen her breathe fire yet. Still waiting. Jennifer has a talk with her new BFF, Callie; and Henry was laying around waiting for the gaping holes in his stomach to heal up. Marcus was also sitting with Henry, trying to piece everything together. Once everybody got cleaned up and patched back together, we find out that Thrash’s pack is responsible for finding those who are newly Changed or Awakened, and making sure that they don’t tell the wrong people about the changes in their lives. After a short question and answer session, our band is released to go try and get things back on track in their lives.

A couple of days later, they are all called to a meeting in a church up in the hills, where they meet a representative of the Flame Touched pack for the first time. All of them taking an immediate dislike to him, (Jennifer referring privately to him as a snake oil preacher and Henry telling him to stick it) they turned down his offer to join the Pure. He took it about as well as you’d expect. The point of the meeting was to let the Pure have their chance to recruit the new blood, and if they turned down the Flame Touched, induct them into the ranks of the Foresaken. All of our group was pulled in, Marcus and Henry as park of the packs, Jennifer and Valla as honorary members because the War Chief thought they might be useful. During this time, David was following the preacher to see what he did after being asked to leave. After the tests were passed and the oaths were given; and everybody attended night school for a couple of weeks, our group eventually was formed into a pack of their very own, with Dave given the honor of leading them (baby sitting).

Well, once a pack is formed, they need some territory of their very own, right? With Jennifer pointing out that she lives right on the edge of the National Forest and has room for everybody, her house is declared the new den and the pack moves in, having an immediate and tragic effect on the contents of her fridge. Since declaring a territory tends to get the attention of the neighbors, they then had to deal with a nearby pack of Flame touched who didn’t like the idea of someone moving in (and stealing one of their locuses). The pack delivering a smack down of their own, territory was declared.

Next up, our Pack is trying to deal with their ordinary lives while at the same time working with the weirdness that now effects everything that they know. Valla finds out that there is something really strange going on at her company (and oddly enough she’s really happy about it), Henry is getting reports of strange animal activity, Marcus finds out that his boss is definitely more than he seems when he has a meeting with the Flame Touched (and makes them back down) and Jennifer goes looking for a teacher in the spirit magics. Things going as they usually do, the Pack investigates and finds out that Marcus’s boss (Jordan) is a mage, of the Obrimos path. After some negotiation between everybody involved, Marcus gets to keep working at the store, Jennifer is on a search for a grimoire and the Preacher is still pissy. Valla comes to the rescue at that point, telling Jennifer that she knows of a place where you can find just about anything, as long as you are willing to pay the price. Taking them through the Goblin Market, Valla helps broker a deal for a grimoire, using it to bind her and Jennifer into an alliance of mutual aid.

Once they return home, they find that Marcus, apparently possessed (in every sense of the word) by the spirit of Christmas, has redecorated the place with enough lights to land a small aircraft, a tree he chopped down himself, and baked enough sugar cookies to send a preschool into an afternoon long sugar high.



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