First Strike Gaming Society - South Dakota


Why you shouldn't give a Werewolf a beer.

First off our heroes have recently decided to do a bit of gardening. On the side of the mountain. You see, the mountain used to have a lovely river that ran through the woods, a river that was damned up for use in a paper mill. This weakened the Spirit of the Unrelenting Mountain; so one of the things that the Spirit asked for as chimarage was that the pack do it’s best to return the river to it’s natural course. Which means, for the pack, that they get to spend the next month or so working their little paws to the bone. Of course, they were so intent on what they were doing that they very nearly lost track of time, forgetting that they had an appointment later that night. Once they realized what time it was, they scampered down the mountain side and nearly came to blows over who got to use the shower first.

Well, our heroes finally managed to get to their moot; which turns out to be one hell of a party thrown in their honor. They met all the other packs and got the chance to present a gift to the Warleader as thanks for him and his taking them in. To make a long story short, gifts ere given, beer was drunk, and stories were told. The wolf members of the pack were declared to be good to be on their own; Jennifer was asked to be part of the mages “pack” and no one still can figure out what’s up with Vala.



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