First Strike Gaming Society - South Dakota

Meetings of Many Kinds

Why you don't piss off a Grimoire

After recovering from the moot the other night, our heros decided to stretch their legs. David went off on his own while Henry the lumberjack decided to take the dam apart with his bare hands. Valla and Jen went for a walk up the mountain; while Marcus went to go check out the local locus.

Unfortunately, the oncoming weather front aggravated Jen’s leg to the point where she had to start back to the house before she got very far. Due to an unusual series of circumstances, she ended up clutching her leg and screaming in pain. Marcus luckily was close enough to hear and came running to the rescue; in wolf form. Jen, being rather disoriented by the pain . . . kinda sorta nearly shot Marcus. But they got past that and Marcus ended up hauling her down the side of the mountain, into the house, and up too her cabinet where she could get her painkillers. He’ll get an extra nice pillow sometime soon.
Meanwhile Vala and Henry reluctantly came to the conclusion that while they could move some of the dirt, they needed actual tools to work with. Off to the hardware store! Or rather, off to a guy that Henry knows who can slip them a couple of blasting caps under the table. There’s no way that can go wrong, right? So while he and Vala and Marcus are off making the deal (with a guy who happens to be an Ogre), Jen stayed home to do her homework. What a geek!
Weiss, not wanting to just give information away to any idiot who happens to open him up, demands that Jen prove that she’s worthy of his instruction. So she summons a knowledge spirit and starts weaving it into the journal. For some reason, it goes unusually well, to the point where the weaving will last far longer than it should and Weiss is a bit impressed in spite of himself. Afterwards she gets the call that there is going to be a meeting of the local mages and would she like to come by and bring Weiss? She agrees and calls Henry to ask if he would mind hanging out to make sure that nobody smashes her over the head and steals her Grimoire. He agrees and parks outside, looking nothing like a stalker as she goes and tries to play nice with he other mages.

During the meeting however, one of the other mages going by the name Madox, happens to run her mouth a little bit. For no other reason than she happens to be an over confident bitch; she bad mouths in quick succession, Weiss, Jen and Jen’s Pack. Weiss happens to take great exception to this and nearly rips Madox’s mind into tiny little itty bitty pieces. Jen, managing a feat of great mental strength; manages to rein Weiss in, keeping the Grimoire from killing the woman. For whatever reason. The problem now being, it is proven that Jen has in her possession something that would make her a danger to be removed, rather than a student to be taught. So from now on she needs to keep a somewhat low profile. We’ll see how well that works.



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