First Strike Gaming Society - South Dakota

Catching Up

In Which the Chronicler Trys to Remember a Shitload of Stuff

So. Let’s see.

When last we left our pack of motley fools, they were in the process of clearing up the mountain. Just a bit of light housework, no? Well, afterwards, we find out that Jen and Weiss are now apparently on the must watch list, and now Jen’s got herself a watcher, one Cryo by name. He’s real fun. So they head back up the mountain, for reason’s I can’t remember at the moment, and end up getting in a knockdown drag out fight with another pack of Forsaken. This ends the way you would expect, given that the fools are fighting against our hero’s; leaving them with a couple of prisoners to “talk to.” While Dave and Valla go to give them a stern talking to, Henry and Bones are distracted by a couple of idiots who manage to crash their four wheelers in the middle of the new stream, thus requiring the use of Bone’s magic in saving their lives.

We find out that the other pack was forced into attacking our hero’s; by a band of Men in Black for reasons thus far unknown. But I’m sure that we’ll find out soon enough. So Dave manages to (somehow) track them down to a warehouse where he’s currently giving them the hairy eyeball. (sorry man, couldn’t resist) Meanwhile Valla and Bones took a walk to check out Valla’s company, giving that something was seriously hinky going on there. We find out that they’re doing some sort of viral research with the hope of neutralizing some part of Werewolf DNA. They also happen to ‘make’ a new friend, one named Hal. He’s currently enjoying the wonders of the internet. If he doesn’t take over the world, he’ll become addicted to tentacle porn within a few days.

I do believe that brings us up to date, so stay tuned for further developments!



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